Avaña Austin Schools

Avaña Schools – if you buy a home here, there are several local Austin Independent School District campuses close by, and your house will be zoned to these three schools:

Kiker Elementary School –  pre-K to 5th Grade
Gorzycki Middle School – 6th -8th Grade
Bowie High School – 9th – 12th Grade

Other notable schools nearby include:

Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders – 6th – 12th Grade for girls

What are the Performance Ratings of the Avaña Schools?

The schools are amongst the top 10% in Austin – with great academic success. That’s all well and good as a vague wooly statement, but how can you measure that objectively?

The Texas Education Agency has decided to make it a little more obscure for parents to discover if they are looking at a good school or a great school. Essentially they have boiled down academic achievement to either “Met Standard” or “Requires Improvement” – either a pass or fail. All of the above schools pass of course, and to get a more in depth insight into if the school is a good fit, rather than see “Exemplary” or “Outstanding” (which the schools used achieve regularly), you need to go down into the data.

You can search for school report cards for each school using the TEA’s campus search facility.

Suffice it to say, if you look at demographics for the schools, you’ll see that there are a tiny minority of students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, academic results compare favorably to the rest of Austin, and non-academic programs are prevalent. The catchment areas are predominantly purpose built suburbs in built in the last two or three decades.

If you prefer private schools, the Austin Waldorf School is under 8 miles from the neighborhood.


Schools near Avana – click for interactive Google Map

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